Thursday, 08 October 2015

PM2.5 Measurement Provides Real Picture Of Haze Hazards, Say Experts

By Norshazlina Nor'azman

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 8 (Bernama) -- Local environmental experts want the government to speed up efforts to upgrade its Air Pollutant Index (API) to include readings of fine dust measuring 2.5 microns (PM2.5).
Wednesday, 07 October 2015

Kayap Penyebab Pelbagai Komplikasi

Oleh Erda Khursyiah Basir

KUALA LUMPUR, 7 Okt (Bernama) -- Sheela Paul sedang mengandung anak kedua apabila beliau menderita serangan satu episod kayap yang sangat menyakitkan kira-kira 20 tahun lalu.

Ketika mula-mula berasa kesakitan yang tajam serta kegatalan di bahagian pinggul kiri berhampiran pinggangnya, Sheela, 28 tahun ketika itu, langsung tidak mengetahui tentang penyakitnya itu namun ia amat membimbangkannya kerana sedang hamil enam bulan.
Monday, 05 October 2015

Vapor: Manfaat Atau Mudarat?

Oleh Jenny Imanina Lanong Abdullah

KUALA LUMPUR, 5 Okt (Bernama) -- Trend terkini menyaksikan ramai perokok telah beralih kepada rokok elektronik.

Rokok elektronik yang dikenali sebagai 'Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems' atau 'e-Cigarette' adalah sebuah inovasi dari bentuk rokok konvensional menjadi rokok moden juga lebih dikenali sebagai 'vapor' atau 'vape'.
Saturday, 03 October 2015

Malaysia Has Competitive Advantage To Become Halal Ingredients Supplier - HDC

By Azlee Nor Mahmud

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 3 (Bernama) -- Malaysia, one of the major players in the global palm oil industry, has a competitive advantage in becoming a halal ingredients supplier, said Halal Industry Development Corporation (HDC) Chief Executive Officer, Datuk Seri Jamil Bidin.
Friday, 02 October 2015

Rumoda Bangsar A Family Legacy

By Murni Nasri

KUALA LUMPUR, (Bernama) --Tucked in the vicinity of plush private houses and upscale business outlets along Jalan Riong, Bangsar, the black and pink two storey bungalow that houses Rumoda has already opened its doors to throngs of patrons although it has only been in operation for less than a year.

Rumoda or house of fashion is the dream of an enterprising son, Firdaus Faisal encouraged by a business minded mother, Puan Yuliza Zahar who aspires to build a business legacy for her five children.

Having a father who was an entrepreneur, Yuliza has a natural incline for business. Although her banker husband can provide for the big family comfortably, Yuliza insisted on venturing into business to help secure the family's future.
Thursday, 01 October 2015

ValueCap To Complement Share Buyback To Boost Market

By Massita Ahmad

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 1 (Bernama) -- Today is the first day of the last quarter of this year. Wonder where Bursa Malaysia's benchmark FBM KLCI would be heading for the next 60-odd trading days?

Throughout the year, the index has been moving between 1,621.04 and 1,752.77, and mostly in tandem with its regional peers.

The highest closing point so far this year was at 1,862.80 on Apr 21, 2015.
Thursday, 01 October 2015

Dr Ruzaimi Sitting On A 'Gold Mine' Of Art

By Salbiah Said

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 1 (Bernama) -- It took architect Dr Ruzaimi Mat Rani 10 minutes to skilfully sketch the interior of a room with several pencil strokes, using an 'upside down' technique.

For viewing, the black and white image on the A-4 sized paper was turned upside down, with the name BERNAMA 'engraved' to complete the piece of artwork during an exclusive interview with Bernama Lifestyle and Youth (LnY) at Bernama Portal 'studio' recently.

But hold a second. You don't need to draw upside down. All you have to do is j ust go to, a fuss-free method of sketching accompanied with step-by-step illustrations.

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